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Galleria mellonella workshop 15-17th May 2019 in Frascati Italy

This two-day residential workshop will take place 15-17th May 2019 and will be set in the beautiful town of Frascati, Italy. The workshop is aimed at all users of, and those interested in using, the model...

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TruLarv – novel drug re-purposing platform

We are delighted to announce that BioSystems Technology have been awarded an Innovate UK Health and Life Sciences grant of £100,000 to broaden the application of G. mellonella, in the UK and overseas,...

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Lysozyme Promotes Persisters

In the current issue of Cell researchers from Newcastle University demonstrate unexpected effects of lysozyme on antibiotic action. TruLarv Galleria mellonella was used as an animal model in one of the...

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Hallo! We are now exporting to the Netherlands! #exporting is great

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