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How virulent are your strains and mutants?

Differentiating between pathogenic and closely related bacterial strains. The Francisella genus is diverse and contains species that are highly pathogenic to humans, pathogenic in immunocompromised individuals,...

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A Public Health Threat - Antimicrobial Resistance

Tea to fight infection Work by Betts et al aimed to see if naturally occurring compounds in tea could be antibacterial and if this could be tested in Galleria. They used two compounds: theaflavins, which...

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Galleria mellonella workshop - GmW, May 2020,

As you know we are passionate about Galleria mellonella as an alternative research model and we are interested in learning how the model is being used in different ways across the globe. This is why we...

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RT @SariqaWagley: Really excited 2 share our Research on Vibrio VBNC cells as a preprint below. We used image flow cytometry & FACS 2 ident…

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